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About Our Services

We offer a complete range of building services to clients within the Young and surrounding areas.

Drawing on over 26 years of industry experience (and then some), we have gained a reputation of providing high quality building services with good old fashioned, down to earth customer service.

We understand that your building project can be daunting, it’s our job at JST Builder to take the stress and pressure off by providing you a clear understanding of budget, time frame and the steps involved.

This is a hands on process and you remain in charge the whole time. Communication and transparency is key and we encourage you to ask questions to ensure you are clear with what is happening within your project.

We are clear on our services  and clear on our values and know these shine through in the work we do.

Trust | Quality | Integrity | Family | Service

Jay’s Dad, Neville and Nephew, Nicholas. Whilst Neville has now passed away, Nicholas is proudly following in his footsteps as a Qualified Carpenter after completing his apprenticeship. 

Trust - you can rely on us to support your project

Quality - professional quality that lasts

Integrity - we deliver on our commitment

Family - building a home is all about family

Service - good old fashioned communication and service

New Build

Planning your dream home goes beyond just the physical build, it considers your current lifestyle and family dynamics, as well as considering what that looks like in future years. 

We can assist you right from the design process, working with you to understand your family needs, how you want the house to work for you, and understand your dream goals.

When we understand your ideal wish list, we can work with you and your budget to ensure you are getting the look, style and function you want, in the budget you need.

Our goal is to make your new build as exciting, stress free and seamless as possible!

Renovating | extensions

Got some growing pains but deciding to stay?

There are huge time, money and energy factors to consider when moving house, which is why many homeowners are choosing to renovate.

We can assist you to design a space that you love whilst keeping all the elements of the existing house that are working. 

It’s amazing what change you can make with a new floor plan and a fresh perspective.

We can assist you with council applications, and approvals. 

It’s an exciting option to renovate, there are logistics to take into consideration when areas of the home become exposed so let’s work together to see what we can create!

Joinery & Cabinetry

“I wish I had less storage in the house”… said no one ever!!

We are ALWAYS wanting more storage, whether it’s due to a growing family, an expanding office, or just years of accumulated ‘stuff’, our homes can be bursting at the seams.

It’s not only a physical frustration but a mental frustration too. Let us help you out by designing some creative storage solutions that you love. You will thank us, believe me!

Joinery extends to your kitchen, bathroom and office too. If you’re looking to replace your existing rooms or simply looking for a refresh, we can help you design something modern, fresh and functional. 

Fresh for the Market

We’ve all seen the lifestyle shows, and love them or hate them, they’ve got a point; Freshly painted, modernised homes sell much quicker.

If you are considering putting your home on the market, or already have and it’s not selling, we can help you with a makeover that meets market demand.

It doesn’t take much to spruce up a tired looking room but the results can be outstanding. 

We understand that this can be a very stressful financial decision, the feelings that come up with spending money on a home you are not staying in can be strong and there can be resistance to spending money in this way, we get it. Happy to talk you through the process, work within a tight budget for maximum results and guide you through the mindset to show you how and why this is a worthwhile investment.

Let’s have a chat about how we can help you get your property sold so you can move on to your dream home… we can help you there too!

Unique Furniture

Sometimes the cookie cutter style furniture just doesn’t do it for us anymore. You’re walking through those big chain stores seeing the same thing over and over again feeling completely… uninspired. 

Lucky for you we’re quite handy in the furniture department here at JST Builder!

Whether it’s a signature bespoke piece, something funky or quirky, or a standard set of handmade dining chairs, we’re happy to chat about what creative designs you have in mind. 

It could be that a few signature/bespoke pieces are all that’s needed within your existing furniture, or to compliment the more ‘standard’ furniture you find in the big stores. 

There are so many amazing materials to work with these days, we love the recycled timber look, old palettes and rustic old barn beams… getting the creative juices flowing!

exterior buildings

If you tell me you don’t have room outside for a BBQ, we need to talk!

Australians love living outdoors, all year round if possible! If your outdoor space isn’t inspiring, if you think it’s too small, or you just don’t know what to do with it, let’s have a chat about how we can make the space work for you and your family. 

We can design gazebos, pavilions, entertaining areas, patios and decks, granny flats, garden studios and more. 

Let us help you create a space where you are just as home outside as in, it’s the Aussie way, right?!

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